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You’d think that pairing food shopping and a nutrition tour would be a total no-brainer, right? That’s the way I’d like to believe I’d run a grocery store. Pick the best foods and then tell people why they’re the best and how the foods on my shelf can help them reach their healthy goals. I mean, think about it: you signed up for this newsletter and attended VegExpo because you believe this too, right? 


Sadly, you and I are both wrong! More often than not, our mainline grocery stores are mostly about flyers, rewards programs, and just straight convenience.


But Choices Market is different and so much more. I mean, they are our VegExpo title sponsors and for good reason! Instead of making their business model about simply being cheaper and faster (important considerations for sure), they believe that food is more about health and wholeness (far more important considerations) and that food is super interconnected to everything that matters most. 


Which brings me to where we choose to spend our grocery dollars. The health of your family deserves the best and Choices delivers. They’ve been a leading organic grocer before organic was cool and hip. 


I think they set themselves apart with things like their nutrition tours. Not sure what that is? Why not book your nutrition tour today and find out? You can even tell them your dietary needs/constraints and they’ll tailor the tour right to your needs. Group tours or one-on-one, Choices is dedicated to making your food choice about being your best self. These tours will tell you the story of your food: what’s in it, where did it come from, who made it, and why you would choose to include these food choices in your diet. 


The truth is, it’s hard to keep up with flyers, promotional emails, and all the multitude of ways that we can shop for groceries today. I know a lot of us are passionate about animal rights, the environment, and our health. And so as I reflect on the choices that we have with respect to where we spend our hard earned grocery dollars we would encourage your thoughtful reflection.


Finally, think about the word market. Have you been to one of Vancouver’s cool Farmer’s Markets? Or maybe you’ve traveled to a country that operates their own web of open air food vendors? These markets are really amazing because they bring together people, food, values, stories and much deeper connections with all of our food choices. So while some may call these places throwback and perhaps even old-school, they remind of us of a time when our parents and grandparents used to pass down the knowledge about what we eat and how we grow it and how we prepare it. But today, people have lost touch with our earth, farmers, food, and nutritional wisdom and we are all paying for it. 


We’re glad that Choices Market remembers those very important parts of our food story and that they continue to carry-on those lessons from our past and bring us into a better, brighter, and bigger future. 

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